Earth Properties Ltd will make allotment of the apartments of EPL a modern and luxurious apartment complex, consisting of the self-contained apartments Reserved car parking spaces, other features as described in this brochure, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Applications for allotment of apartments should be made by the interested buyers on the prescribed application form duly signed by the applicant along with the Booking Money. Earth Properties Ltd has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason thereto. On acceptance of an application the company will issue an allotment letter to the application on which the applicant/allottee shall start payments as per the Schedule of payments to be provided along with the allotment letter.

Allotment of apartments shall be made on a first come first served basis. Buyers willing to make full payment at a time or payment in fewer installments than the schedule will be given preference.

All payments should be made, in favour of Earth Properties Ltd in the form of demand draft or pay order issued by any schedule bank of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi residing abroad may remit payments in foreign exchange by telegraphic transfer or by demand draft as per exchange rate issued by Bangladesh Bank as on the date of application and subsequently as on the date of installments due.

Payments of installments, car parking and all other charges are to be made on due dates. The company may issue reminders to the allottee but, not withstanding the issue of reminders, the allottee must adhere to the Schedule of Payment to ensure timely completion of construction. Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the allottee liable to pay a charge of 2% per 30 days on the amount of payment delayed.

For delays in payment beyond 30days the company shall have the right to cancel the allotment. In such an event the amount paid by the allottee will be refunded within 90 days or cancellation of the allotment after deducting 6% of the total amount.

Immediately after payment of booking money, The Developer and the allottee shall execute an agreement for safeguarding the interest of the allottee as well as the company.